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"So there is the guy. He looks better in person, trust me, he's the cutest man I've ever met, I really like him. It doesn't matter how many "cutest guys"there were before, this time it feels right.. he wants something serious." 

Same story every time, and every time the same end.
It's like reading the same book again believing that the end will be different this time.

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Living on your own thousands of miles away from the family and friends wouldn't help you, trust me. All I want is to be in a relationship again after a year of my happy single life. I want it desperately like never before. Every guy interested in me becomes "that one". How sad!

Girl, I know we all want to meet that one and only person, who's a soulmate and an inspiration. One, cute guy, who wants to stay with us and be loyal, complementing us and make us feel loved and important. I know it's all you have dreamed about and prayed for and you know what? 

Looking for a boyfriend desperately will never work out. Maybe you will find one but it will never be the right one. Why? Because you're looking for someone to fill your holes with their love instead of loving yourself. You are a full person all on your own,  you do not need anyone to complete you and prove to you your worth.

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I was blind, I did not love him, I just wanted to be with matter who it was. 
I knew it was not right for me but still kept trying believing that nobody else would ever like to be with me. I've been treated bad thinking that's the price I needed to pay to have him in my life. It took me over eight months, sleepless nights and anxiety to realize I prefer to be on my own than in a toxic relationship. 


Keep yourself busy, find your passion, set up some goals and go for it, work on your success! You'll love yourself again, it takes time but it's worth it! It will set you free, you'll realize you don't need anyone and it's the best feeling ever, you'll become unbreakable and truly happy.

There is someone special waiting for you but they won't meet you until you're ready loving yourself the most.

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Finally, it's getting warmer out there, I love sunny mornings and warm evenings. Especially living in the UK has taught me to appreciate every sunny day as much as possible. 

Sun's out, Sandie's out! :)

I decided to post more outfits and fashion stuff on my blog as it's one of my passion and would be nice to share it with you guys! How could I describe my taste? Well, I love simple outfits, but simply does not mean boring. Hate boring but love simple, if that makes any sense! My key and the main rule, if it comes to my outfits, is "keep it simple and girly but add only one crazy detail".
Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete the look with the perfect pair! My pink sock boots are my favorite ones at the moment and they matched perfectly with my headband! But I don't like to be a cute, pink Barbie girl, that's why I needed to balance my outfit with a baggy Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt and mom style jeans.

 What do you think about such a combination?

     What do you do after you wake up? Do you exercise? Go downstairs to prepare your favourite breakfast? Read the next chapter of your favourite book? Probably more than 80% of you just look at your phones and then scroll down Instagram getting another dose of "pretty poison". Why am I writing about it? Theoretically everyone knows all those "anti social media slogans", but


NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 15: Gigi Hadid is seen on March 15, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

I didn't know it's a serious stuff until I caught myself scrolling through the same photos 4 times. The good thing about me is my unbreakable self confidence- I know who I am and I know my worth, nobody is able to influence me and my decisions. I've became a strong person because of the past when I used to be bullied in high school for writing my personal blog and cooperating with brands (how horrible kids can be!) All I wanted was to look like those models on Insta, go on cool holidays like they do, have handsome boyfriends that I can show off on my social profiles and eat in expensive, hipster places! All those just for Instagram- people would respect me more and what's even more satisfying, they will be horribly jealous! That used to be my mindset until nearly 2/3 years ago, how sad! Now I laugh at it, still loving social media- I create my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram profile but my goals have changed. I don't need Instagram husband as long as he loves me and makes me happy, I don't need expensive holidays as long as I've got some time to go anywhere to explore some new places, I don't need to go to expensive restaurants, I'm happy going for food with my friends or love of my life just to spend some time with them and enjoy the food. It's nice to capture happy moments of our lives but there's some limits, do not lose the value of your real life.

Now let's talk about you my dear!

How many times did you ask yourself "Why is she so pretty?", "How does she got such a small waist and a nice bum?", "How does he got so much money?", "Why is she travelling all the time?", "How can she afford all those plastic surgeries?"

One of my friend actually said that to me: "That's just unfair! You've got a perfect body, hair, skin, you're funny and cute, why are you so perfect? Every time I scroll through your Instagram I think daaaamn I'm so ugly. My friend is beautiful by the way, how sad it is, she completely forgot about how pretty she is focusing on me. But do you know I used to be very skinny living with eating disorder? Did you know I suffered from depression and anxiety after I've been hurt, did you know I quit university because I couldn't handle working 8 hour night shifts, having 4 hours sleep and be up at 7am the morning after. Do you know I've been fighting with a horrible acne for 7 years? Obviously you didn't just because I haven't posted it on Instagram. All you see is a happy Sandra being spoiled, going on holidays once a month.

Instagram is just a gallery perfect moments captured but remember we all struggle, nobody's life is perfect! You do't even realise how strong it influences your self-esteem and messes with your confidence. We don't know who we are and then we look for the answer from unreliable sources associating our worth with factors such as amount of likes or followers.

I want you to know that you're beautiful the way you are and you don't need nobody's acceptance, you'll be fully happy when you finally stop caring abut what other people think about you.

Doesn't it sound controversial?

Originally I'm from Poland- European's most Catholic country, obviously was raised in a Catholic family and I've always been proud of the values my parents taught me. There's only one issue- my mum always used to say "Just remember, no matter what- be yourself".
 But who am I? 
I've changed a lot since last year, I've always believed in "girls power" but I've never been such a feminist as I am now and I'm proud of it! 

As you can see the abortion topic is very difficult for me, mainly that's why I never share my opinion about it cause some people may see it as very controversial for me as a religious person.

ABORTION IS ILLEGAL in my country and today so many Polish women regret living in their own country. This is definitely not the way the government should make you feel about who you are. Abortion used to be legal only in certain emergency circumstances but on Monday 19/03/18 Polish Parliament proceeded the draft project of the absolute ban on abortion in Poland no matter what. 

I decided to write about it as I just want the world to know what is going on in my country, as most of my friends were in shock when I first told them about it. 
I do not support all of the abortion ideas but I think all of us are free and every single woman should get a chance to decide- MY BODY, MY DECISION. 

Just please try to imagine 13 years old girl's been raped and now she's being forced to keep the pregnancy for 9 months and to give a birth, a woman who's got huge chances to die giving birth - she's got no choice anymore. Women found to have had an abortion would be punished with the prison term, same with the doctors...

Legal abortion doesn't mean all of the pregnant women are gonna have it.
Being pro-choice doesn't mean that you'd have an abortion. It just means you think the choice is yours, not the government's.  

All we can do now is just to share the information and show the world it is not right!

Now close your eyes and think about what would you like to look like? Kylie Jenner, Beyonce or Mila Kunis? Would you like to have your friend's boobs and other friend's legs? Would you like to get your boobs, lips, nose, and cheeks done? Would you think you are pretty then?

I've never thought about posting this. When we were taking pictures I didn't think about the topic, it was just me being so proud because of the first ever Polish Vogue! But now think how many amazing women have worked and tried their best to make it happen, to publish it and make thousands of other Polish women proud! How amazing the world would be if we all support other girls instead of competing with them. We are all different and that is exactly what makes us beautiful. All of the social media constantly try to prove us wrong, showing us "perfectly looking girls", making us feel insecure. You should never look at another girl thinking  "I could never compete with her". We're not destined to compete, we're here to help one another.

We're different, probably you will never look like Kylie Jenner and it is your power baby girl! There is no one like you and all I want you is to look in the mirror saying "I am beautiful" with confidence in your voice.


As most of you know I'm addicted to cute coffee shops but the place I've been a few days ago is just amazing! Bright room, minimalistic design, plants, cute desserts, and coffee! It's BLANCHE BAKERY in Cardiff, didn't even know it's located literally 5 minutes away from my house! Take a guess who will be a new regular customer? 

Top and earrings from Topshop
glasses and jeans from Primark
 coat and bag from Asos
shoes from Pull&Bear

Co rodzi się w Twojej głowie gdy słyszysz słowo "IBIZA"? Niekończąca się impreza, David Guetta na scenie, faceci 10/10, wszechobecne narkotyki i seks? Dokładnie tak wyobrażałam sobie to miejsce jeszcze w momencie wsiadania do samolotu! I tak faktycznie jest, jeśli chcesz przeżyć imprezę swego życia, nie zastanawiaj się ani minuty! Jednak jeśli tylko pozwolisz sobie opuścić najbardziej zatłoczone miejsca i najpopularniejsze atrakcje, ujrzysz totalnie nowe oblicze wyspy. Ibiza to coś więcej niż tylko kluby i puby- to niesamowici ludzie, pyszne jedzenie, wolność, piękno natury i cudowna atmosfera.

/What's on your mind while you're hearing the word "IBIZA"? The party which never ends, David Guetta on the stage, 10/10 guys, all of the drugs and sex? This is exactly what I used to think about. And it is actually like that, so if you want to experience the best night out in your life do not even think twice! But..if you just let yourself leave the most popular places you have a chance to see the other side of the island. Ibiza is something way more than just clubs and pubs- it is amazing people, delicious food, freedom, the beauty of nature and that specific atmosphere in there.

Dosłownie w tym momencie pisząc mój post zorientowałam się, że cała zawartość mojego telefonu została usunię to oznacza? Jedyne zdjęcia jakie mi pozostały to zdjęcia, które dodałam na Instagram, wyobraźcie sobie w jakim nastroju teraz jestem siedząc o 1:00 w nocy uświadamiając sobie, że ten post niestety nie będzie wyglądał tak, jak sobie to wyobrażałam. Zamiast więc robić przewodnik po Ibizie, opowiem Wam trochę o klimacie tego miejsca, o tym co sprawiło, że poczułam się w 100% wolna, jak w żadnym innym miejscu..

Ibiza była niegdyś miejscem hipisów, miejscem ucieczki od wielkiego miasta i tłumów turystów, była dzika i inspirująca..może ta magia wciąż trwa? Niestety teraz większość miast na wyspie jest bardzo komercyjna, jednak tuż poza granicami największych imprezowych miejsc można znaleźć lokalne knajpy i prawdziwe życie ludzi. Standardy życia większości nie są zbyt wysokie, ludzie wciąż skarżą się na brak ofert pracy i wysokie ceny utrzymania, większość z nich żyje bardzo skromnie, jednak co bardzo mnie urzekło, to fakt jak bardzo są szczęśliwi. Nie mając wiele potrafią cieszyć się każdym dniem.. przynajmniej takie miałam wrażenie!
Poznałam tam fantastycznych ludzi, jednak najbardziej urzekła mnie historia starszego pana, którego poznałam w jednej z lokalnych restauracji. Siedziałam z bratem pijąc piwo i oglądając mecz, Max sam do nas podszedł i zapytał do angielsku skąd jesteśmy, byłam bardzo zaskoczona, bo nawet barman nie mówił dobrze po angielsku. Okazało się, że Max pochodzi z Liverpool a na Ibizę wyleciał kilkanaście lat temu bo...jak mówił, nie mógł znieść szarej i przytłaczającej go pogody w Wielkiej Brytanii. Jednego dnia rzucił wszystko i bez konkretnego planu postanowił wylecieć na Ibizę, gdzie teraz jest fotografem i robi to, co kocha!
Spędziłam tam tylko 5 dni jednak wracając do domu stwierdziłam "to jest moje miejsce"..wiem, że jeszcze wiele miejsc czeka na mnie w przyszłości, lecz jedno jest pewne.. nigdzie nie czułam prawdziwej wolności jak tam.. skacząc z klifów bez niczego na sobie, odwiedzając lokalne bary, gdzie nikt nie mówił po angielsku i inspirując się lekkością życia lokalnych...

/Exactly at the moment while making my post I realised I lost all of my photos I used to have on my phone. The only things I kept are photos I already posted on the Instagram. You guys can imagine my mood right now sitting on the floor at 1 am being aware that my post is not gonna be as I wanted it to.  That's the reason I decided not to make kind of "travel guide"post but just tell you more about the magic of that place and about what made me feel so free in there which I had never felt before.

Ibiza used to be a Hippie place, the haven, a place where people ran away to from big cities and tourists, it used to be wild and inspired...maybe that magic is still there? Most of the places on the island are very commercial nowadays but just around the corner you are able to find local restaurants and people's real life. Their standards are not really high, people still moaning about lack of the job offers and high cost of food and accommodation. Even though the locals don't have an easy life, they don't worry as we do, they seem to be so happy not focusing on bad things, which amazed me!
I met so many fantastic people in there but one's old man story really touched my heart! I was sitting and drinking beer with my brother in one of the local pubs when Max came to us asking where we are from, I was quite surprised as nobody else could speak English in that place. Well Max comes from Liverpool and he moved away to Ibiza ages ago because as he said..he couldn't cope with the horrible weather in the UK which only used to make him depressed. So one day he just left everything and booked one way ticket to Ibiza without particular plan for his future life, now he's a photographer and his passion allows him to earn a good money!
I was on the island only for 5 days but while coming back home I said to myself "this is my place on the Earth".. I'm aware I have to visit so many places yet in the future but what I know now is I've never felt as free as in there at that time.. jumping to the turquoise water without the bra, visiting local places where everyone speaks only Spanish and inspiring myself by locals' mentality.

Właśnie dziś rozpoczynam moją przygodę z YouTube, zapraszam Was do oglądania mojego krótkiego filmu z Ibizy i jeśli jesteście zainteresowani co jeszcze na Was czeka, zapraszam do subskrybowania!

/Today I created my YouTube channel where you can find my new video from Ibiza! You can subscribe to me if would you like to see more :) Cheers Guys!

Znowu na Blogspocie? Woow! Tak, wiem, przerabiałam to miliard razy i zawsze kończyło się tak samo..rezygnacja z powodu braku czasu, szkoły, siłowni, czegokolwiek! Czy tym razem będzie inaczej? Tego nie wiem! Jedyne co mogę powiedzieć w tej kwestii to to, że jestem totalnie zmotywowana i wreszcie mam pomysł na to wszystko, wychodzę do Was z czymś gotowym. Nad całą tą akcją myślałam przez rok! Więc oto jestem!

  Co się zmieniło? 
Otóż zmieniłam się ja, moje podejście do życia, do ludzi, a wraz z tym wszystkie moje priorytety i plany na przyszłość. Jest to jeden z kilku powodów powrotu do pisania i publikowania swoich "bzdur". Przede wszystkim moim głównym zadaniem jest uświadomienie Wam, że warto otworzyć się na świat, zmiany, warto ryzykować, odkryć kim jesteś ale także uświadomić sobie, że możesz wszystko, że w dzisiejszym świecie nie ma limitów!

Coś ciekawego o mnie?

Po prawej stronie możecie zobaczyć moje bio, więc wszystkie nudne info zawarte jest tam! Mam 20 lat i nadal szukam siebie, swojego miejsca na świecie, żyję tym co jest tu i teraz, zarys przyszłości mam, ale kto wie co się wydarzy... Moje hobby? Zdecydowanie bookowanie biletów lotniczych! :) A co za tym idzie poznawanie i odkrywanie tego, co jeszcze przeze mnie nieodkryte. Uwielbiam samotne wieczory z moim ulubionym filmem, lampką wina i czekoladą jednak kocham również siłownię i ból mięśni przez parę dni. Kocham szpilki i sukienki kiedy wychodzę na imprezę z dziewczynami jednak wspinanie się całymi dniami po górach aby zobaczyć zachód słońca przez 5 minut sprawia mi dużo większą radochę! Zakochałam się w świecie i kocham siebie, także tego chciałabym Was nauczyć (nie mylić z samouwielbieniem!)

Czy nadal chcesz mnie obserwować?

Na blogu będę publikować nic innego jak momenty z mojego życia, będę poruszać przeróżne kwestie z tym związane; wybór uczelni, wyjazd z Polski, moje małe i wielkie podróże, sprawy psychologiczne, wszystko co wydaje mi się być interesujące lub pomocne! 

Jako że jest to mój pierwszy post, który ma formę bardziej informacyjną chciałabym się dowiedzieć jaka jest Wasza opinia na ten temat, a także czego Wy jesteście najbardziej ciekawi, może macie ciekawe propozycje o jakich ja jeszcze nie pomyślałam! Buziaki x